Saturday, 27 August 2011


The sun is here and it's so lovely :) Bring on summer, how I love it. I really don't like the cold at all. I'm getting sick of wearing so many layers. Gets a bit much after awhile. We might be having lots of sunshine, but inside the house it's total snotville! The kids and hubby have a cold and it's sniffle village here at the minute. Poor things. I must say that even though hubby hates having a cold, he is being very good, not like some men who can't do anything when they have the cold.

Busy day today. Why is it that some weekends nothing happens and then other weekends you have multiple things on at the same time. That was my day today. The oldest had 3 things on, we made 2, but had to shorten the first one and missed the last one altogether. Now tomorrow a quite one spending it all together. Kids totally stuffed. Getting up super early as they do, and having the cold is knocking them about a bit. Hope they get better soon.

Must be off now, very late here. Have been doing some new designs for a mini market I'm attending on Tues. So busy do things for that. Also finishing off a unusal request towel cake. Great to get creative and get the brain working hard.

Enjoy. Thanks for visiting :)

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