Saturday, 21 January 2012

Business reflection.

It's here! My new logo! Third time lucky. I really love this one. It's fantastic! A big thankyou to a new, up and coming designer who designed it for me.  My website has also been changed and updated after a lot of late nights. Much happier with it now. 

When I first started Munchkin Nappy Cakes, all I really wanted to do was to design and make Nappy Cakes. I knew that running a business would involve a lot more than that, but little did I realise how much and how time consuming it would be.

First it started with getting a business name, which I had to change when I applied for my ABN as it was too similar to another business name. Then getting an ABN, logo, business cards, Facebook page and website. It just seemed to go on and on with paper and computer work before I could even begin to sell a single Nappy Cake.

I have learnt so much along the way. Lots of hours have been spent working on the computer improving internet skills and learning jargon.  I can't believe how much I have learnt and how I can now talk computer talk with my hubby (who loves computers!).  I feel like I've learnt a whole new language.

Long hours have also been spent trying out new designs, which didn't always work! I have completed custom designs as well as those that I have on my website.   At times, I have to step back from all the computer work and just sit at the table and work on my designs, as that is what is really is all about and what makes me feel good and happy.

Along with all the normal mum and housewife duties, 2011 seemed to fly a lot quicker than normal. I take my hat off to all WAHM's. You all do a fantastic job juggling your home and business. The days and nights are never long enough and before you know it, it's 1-2am and I'm still awake doing things (normally networking on Facebook!).

Sales can be very slow, but I never give up as I love designing and making Nappy Cakes and I'm hoping my new logo brings me good luck in 2012.  To all of you out there I wish you all the best and hope your business does well! Have a great day :)