Monday, 8 August 2011


I had a BIG WIN today which I am still in shock over! I was invited to join in a giveaway with . I completed what we had to do and emailed my entry off not expecting anything. Then tonight when I put the kids to bed I logged onto my email account & there it was a message saying CONGRATS LOVE YOU WERE THE LUCKY WINNER ! 

I didn't know what to think so I logged onto the blog & sure enough there was my name in big letters saying that I had won. Then I logged onto their FB page and it was on there too! I couldn't believe it! How lucky!

Now comes the hard part of deciding what to choose with my winnings!! Looking forward to it though!
A big thankyou to Burlesque Pin-Up Couture and well done to everyone that entered.

Have a great night everyone :)


  1. Very sweet you sound like a much deserved winner my dear enjoy the guilt free shopping it doesn't come around too often!

    xox Jess Rogers

  2. Thanks Jess for your comment. I am slowly coming to terms with it. Enjoying looking at the nice things I can get. You are so right, it doesn't come around too often!! :)Michelle