Thursday, 11 August 2011

New News

Good evening everyone. Trying to make it an early one tonight, a bit tired as my youngest has croup. Had a bad night last night and spent most of the day in my arms :( Poor little thing. He was a bit stressed out last night when he awoke with a fever and not being able to breathe. Thankfully after some Nurofen and TLC he calmed down and went back to sleep a couple of hours later. Terrible when your kids are sick. Wish you could take it away from them. Hopefully he gets better soon & I don't have to make a trip down to the Dr's.

New News from my business is that I have an update website. I spent lots of hours on it the other night and changed it all around, hopefully for the better. Well I think so anyway, and so do some of my likers on FB. I would love for you all to drop by and check it out. Thanks.

Here is a preview of my new name/logo. What do you think?!

Have a great night!

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