Saturday, 21 January 2012

Business reflection.

It's here! My new logo! Third time lucky. I really love this one. It's fantastic! A big thankyou to a new, up and coming designer who designed it for me.  My website has also been changed and updated after a lot of late nights. Much happier with it now. 

When I first started Munchkin Nappy Cakes, all I really wanted to do was to design and make Nappy Cakes. I knew that running a business would involve a lot more than that, but little did I realise how much and how time consuming it would be.

First it started with getting a business name, which I had to change when I applied for my ABN as it was too similar to another business name. Then getting an ABN, logo, business cards, Facebook page and website. It just seemed to go on and on with paper and computer work before I could even begin to sell a single Nappy Cake.

I have learnt so much along the way. Lots of hours have been spent working on the computer improving internet skills and learning jargon.  I can't believe how much I have learnt and how I can now talk computer talk with my hubby (who loves computers!).  I feel like I've learnt a whole new language.

Long hours have also been spent trying out new designs, which didn't always work! I have completed custom designs as well as those that I have on my website.   At times, I have to step back from all the computer work and just sit at the table and work on my designs, as that is what is really is all about and what makes me feel good and happy.

Along with all the normal mum and housewife duties, 2011 seemed to fly a lot quicker than normal. I take my hat off to all WAHM's. You all do a fantastic job juggling your home and business. The days and nights are never long enough and before you know it, it's 1-2am and I'm still awake doing things (normally networking on Facebook!).

Sales can be very slow, but I never give up as I love designing and making Nappy Cakes and I'm hoping my new logo brings me good luck in 2012.  To all of you out there I wish you all the best and hope your business does well! Have a great day :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Hi everyone,

2012 is fast approaching. Where does the time go?? This year has been full of so many things. I started Munchkin Nappy Cakes in Feb and have had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people and amazing businesses. There are so many talented people out there. So many WAHP trying to make a some money making things they love whilst spending time at home with their kids. I love what I do and am lucky enough to be able to do it whilst being able to be a home for the kids.

I thank everyone for their support during this year and I look forward to meeting some more wonderful people and businesses in 2012. I wish all of you a great and safe New Years and best wishes for 2012 :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Time...... what can you say about it?? It's something that we all manage our lives around and focus on everyday. Sometimes more than others. It rules a lot of what we do and makes a lot of our decisions for us. We always look at the calander and clock before we plan things.  When do we get time to stop and smell the roses?

At this time of the year, time seems to be even more precious. Coming up to the silly season, life seems to be going past so quickly. It seems just like yesterday sometimes when we were at this point last year. Where does the time go?? 

The kids are growing up way too fast. I wish sometimes that I could stop the clock and just enjoy time with them just like they are now. There are times of course that I wish they would stop being so silly and troublesome, every parent feels like that sometimes. But I know that in 5-10 years time I will look back and wish for these times again.

I have been doing lots of thinking and I am going to make a concious effort to try and slow down and enjoy life more. Also, spend more time with family and friends. We only get one chance and we should live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment we get.

I wish all of you joy and happiness. I hope your businesses are going well, yet not taking too much time away from the most precious things in your life. Take the time to stop and smile at things, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. Let time stand still if only for a brief moment.....

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hello Again!

Hello Again everyone!

I'm sure you are wondering where I have got to. I'm not the greatest blogger. I spend way too much time on Facebook and have been doing some changes to my website and some new designs since posting on here last.

This year has just flown by way too quickly. The kids are getting so big and becoming more and more independent all the time. Where does the time go?! This week brought some nicer weather finally and the little one and I went to the beach 3 days in a row! What fun we had building sand castles, splashing in the water and finding shells. We actually spotted some star fish and one day saw a stingray. But now of course like the typical Melbourne weather we have it's a lot cooler and raining!

Hope everyone is doing well. To all the businesses out there that I have been mixing with of late, good luck with everything. You do such fantastic work. I must be off, up way too late again. Have a good one!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Good Evening everyone,

It's been awhile since I have posted on here, been busy, like everyone these days. Enjoying school holidays at the minute. So nice to spend quality time with the kids and no clock watching! Shame the weather hasn't been the greatest in the last few days. Had lots of cuddles on our home day today. Love cuddles from the kids :)

We have been baking and cooking together. Interesting....... Ha Ha! They love it, esp. the little one. They fight over who cracks the egg. Luckily when making homemade sausage rolls the other day, I needed two eggs, so they both got to crack one each.

Our eggs are beautiful free range eggs given to us by our chicken who is like one of the family. She is so funny. Just like a dog. She loves to run free around the backyard when we let her out of her coop. The other day when it was raining she was out. I went out and called her and she came running up to me and straight back into her coop. She follows me around when I'm outside.

Well that's it for me for now. Must be off to bed. Very late, again! Got stuck on Facebook, again!
Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fantastic FB pages!

Just a quick late night note to say how amazed everyday I am with how many fantastic, talented, creative people there are out there. Everyday I find at least one, normally more, businesses on Facebook that have such beautiful products. So many of them are WAHP like me, staying home to look after their children and trying to earn a little bit of extra money by doing what they love.

I congratulate all of you for what you are doing and I say keep up the great work.  Good Luck to you all :)

Here are just a few pages to visit that I love and support me:!/pages/Forage/11546859854342!/mummydesigns!/Modern.Munchkins.Cloth.Nappies

Thanks ladies for everything XO :)

Saturday, 27 August 2011


The sun is here and it's so lovely :) Bring on summer, how I love it. I really don't like the cold at all. I'm getting sick of wearing so many layers. Gets a bit much after awhile. We might be having lots of sunshine, but inside the house it's total snotville! The kids and hubby have a cold and it's sniffle village here at the minute. Poor things. I must say that even though hubby hates having a cold, he is being very good, not like some men who can't do anything when they have the cold.

Busy day today. Why is it that some weekends nothing happens and then other weekends you have multiple things on at the same time. That was my day today. The oldest had 3 things on, we made 2, but had to shorten the first one and missed the last one altogether. Now tomorrow a quite one spending it all together. Kids totally stuffed. Getting up super early as they do, and having the cold is knocking them about a bit. Hope they get better soon.

Must be off now, very late here. Have been doing some new designs for a mini market I'm attending on Tues. So busy do things for that. Also finishing off a unusal request towel cake. Great to get creative and get the brain working hard.

Enjoy. Thanks for visiting :)