Saturday, 19 November 2011


Time...... what can you say about it?? It's something that we all manage our lives around and focus on everyday. Sometimes more than others. It rules a lot of what we do and makes a lot of our decisions for us. We always look at the calander and clock before we plan things.  When do we get time to stop and smell the roses?

At this time of the year, time seems to be even more precious. Coming up to the silly season, life seems to be going past so quickly. It seems just like yesterday sometimes when we were at this point last year. Where does the time go?? 

The kids are growing up way too fast. I wish sometimes that I could stop the clock and just enjoy time with them just like they are now. There are times of course that I wish they would stop being so silly and troublesome, every parent feels like that sometimes. But I know that in 5-10 years time I will look back and wish for these times again.

I have been doing lots of thinking and I am going to make a concious effort to try and slow down and enjoy life more. Also, spend more time with family and friends. We only get one chance and we should live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment we get.

I wish all of you joy and happiness. I hope your businesses are going well, yet not taking too much time away from the most precious things in your life. Take the time to stop and smile at things, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. Let time stand still if only for a brief moment.....