Friday, 15 July 2011


Ahh enjoying relaxing under the heater with the sun shining through the window. Watching the kids play the Wii, they LOVE it!! Going out into the cold soon to hang out the first load of washing for today. Was -0.8 C this morning when I got up with my early birds. It got to -1.9 C! Soooo cold! Going to be a nice day though :)

School holidays are nearly over. Back to the madness of clock watching and running everywhere. Going to miss my big school boy, he makes me laugh. He is interested in everything and always asking questions. He has been asking alot about things he sees in the paper, esp things to do with the government. I went and did my tax the other day and he asked if I was going to see Julia Gillard! Then when I said no, he asked why not, when it was her that I was paying the money to! Ha Ha! I couldn't stop laughing! :)

Well must be going. I can hear the washing machine has nearly finished. I hope you all have a great day.
Enjoy :)

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