Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Wind blown and freezing!!

Oh my goodness, how terrible is the wind at the minute??!!! Last night sitting here on the computer I thought the roof was going to blow off and then the rain came.  Then today I nearly lost my washing whilst trying to hang it out and bring it in! It's great for drying washing, but it does get a bit much sometimes and it's so cold.
How is everyone coping with it?

Nice and warm right now. Home from the gym, new sheets on the bed, Nappy Cake order made and organised and now sitting on the computer. That is where my day ends everyday. In front of the computer. Some nights I actually fall asleep in front of it! But as a small business owner it becomes a good friend of yours.

That's it for tonight. Hope to get some new followers thanks to Motivating Mums Biz Mums Blogging Carnival June 2011. If you are here after following the Link from their page, Welcome and Thanks for visiting.

Have a great one, stay warm and dry and enjoy the small amount of warmth from the sunshine :)


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